It’s me ... Alex! I hope nobody will visit this page, because it’s not finalised now. Besides that, my father forced me to comply with the “Page Styleguide” he created. I’m not happy with that!
 On this page I try to give you a rough idea of my first project...

As you probably can see this two pictures are almost the same. Same backround, even the same person! But just three years between. The first was taken in summer 1999 and the second... You can calculate by yourself! Both show a really marvellous college in the centre of Cambridge.

Now you are amazed, aren’t you? Politics today - a peculiar business! To my right George W. Bush, to my left Tony Blair! As you probably already spotted they got a pair of “concrete boots” from Madame Tussaund’s team. Anyway, they look damn real. Such a possition (in the real world) wouldn’t be bad, would it? Perhaps, in the future it’ll work out. Even George managed it!!! Why not me?

Punting! That’s really great fun.